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Drone technology can be used across multiple sectors to achieve unparalleled results.

Due to our state of the art specific to task Drones we are able to provide in depth surveys across many sectors where conventional methods such as scaffolding, cherry pickers, mast photography and helicopters would be intrusive and costly to your business and ultimately your customers.

Drones don’t replace people they are a tool in the box to provide a more efficient and effective service solution to your customers and clients.

Hard to Reach Surveys

About hard to reach surveys…

Buildings can be complex structures with numerous hidden areas that either can not be reached by conventional survey techniques such as scaffolding, cherry pickers and mast photography, or the cost of access becomes prohibitive. Our aerial media survey drones provide a cost effective, safe and speedy solution for hard to reach surveys, providing high definition film and still photography. This will then be delivered electronically which is available to you within hours of the conclusion of the survey allowing surveyors to carry out in depth desktop surveys of complex structures. Media management solutions are also available.

Pre Insurance Surveys

About pre insurance surveys…

Often older buildings can have hidden defects which can not be identified using conventional methods either due to height or access issues which could result in an incorrect assessment of the buildings condition prior to insurance, this could result in costly claims further down the line which could have been avoided.
Our state of the art drone technology enables a fuller assessment of the structure prior to insurance commencement, whilst also providing regular maintenance inspections.

Utility Inspections

About utility inspections…

With increasing pressures on utility companies to ensure constant supply and detection of faults can be remedied quickly with minimal disruption to customers.
Our high tech survey drones are equipped with thermal cameras and 4k high definition cameras to enable a scheduled inspection to be carried out quickly and efficiently without the use of manpower and Helicopters.
Uses such as pylons, wind turbines, solar fields, and transmitter masts are ideally placed for drone inspections.

Thermal Surveys

About thermal surveys…

Our survey drones can be equipped with multiple cameras including thermal state of the art cameras to enable in depth inspection of structures where parts would normally be invisible to the human eye.
Problems such as damp detection, post flood assessment, structural problems, component failure and energy and heat loss can all be highlighted using our survey drones equipped with thermal cameras. Post inspection analysis is also possible for desktop surveys and spot temperature anomalies.

3D Mapping

About 3D Mapping…

This is our fastest growing service for corporate customers. By managing multiple images we can provide a range of 3D outputs. When combined with a range of measuring and analysis tools the potential for re-engineering many specialist and niche property inspection tasks is considerable. Contact us to discuss this further so we can tailor our offerings to your specific needs. You will be surprised at the affordable cost options.

Agricultural Surveys

About agricultural surveys…

Whilst the majority of drone use in the UK is for inspections of buildings, agricultural and environmental inspections are rapidly increasing in popularity. For example we have combined our aerial services with a agricultural speciality software to help manage crops, have supported environmental projects accessing trees and water based subjects, and are working with the emergency services as well. The possibilities to expand in this sector are immense and we would love to support you.



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Whilst Drone technology has been around for many decades, it has only just become an affordable solution across many sectors. From construction and agriculture to surveillance and more recently into the insurance market as well as the utility sector to name a few.

Iprosurv Ltd has been proactive in this market since 2012 looking at the industry and ways to improve on outdated and complicated ways of obtaining aerial media data.