Providing Drone aerial media technology across multiple sectors making it cost effective, fast and a secure solution.

wp1b2f8e35_05_06Drone technology is advancing rapidly with high quality images, advanced analysis software and what is available even in our standard products will surprise you. In many cases dramatically improved services are available at over 50% saving on the cost of traditional methods. Please take a moment to explore our site to find out how you can get more for less

Iprosurv Ltd is a pioneer of drone service provision having been active since 2012. As well as using hand picked qualified compliant pilots we ourselves have full regulation and best practice compliance and insurance coverage.

Our state of the art Drones are made by the leader in drone technology and then adapted to be specific to task for our customers.

wp1d003739_05_06Drones We Use:

Iprosurv insist all our Drone operators use a certain platform, this ensures our clients receive a consistent level of service with the knowledge that all our systems have passed strict safety inspections.

Iprosurv predominantly in most cases use the DJI Inspire platform as this offers a consistent delivery of our product and has all the inbuilt safety protocols we believe are essential to the survey.

We also retrospectively fit our systems with thermal cameras and alternative cameras to fulfil our clients expectations.

wp48126277_05_06End to End Service

Iprosurv deliver an end to end service to our clients, once your instruction is received we will contact your client to arrange a survey time and date if required.

We will also deal with all the organisations who need to be informed of our flight, local authority, police and local air traffic control if required, we will also submit the Notice to Air Men (NOTAM) to warn all flights of the area we will be operating in. We will also obtain copies of permission to fly from land owner of which you will receive for future reference.



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Whilst Drone technology has been around for many decades, it has only just become an affordable solution across many sectors. From construction and agriculture to surveillance and more recently into the insurance market as well as the utility sector to name a few.

Iprosurv Ltd has been proactive in this market since 2012 looking at the industry and ways to improve on outdated and complicated ways of obtaining aerial media data.